Homeowner’s Yard Audit to Discourage Coyotes

Activity Maintenance/Mitigation Measures
Food Sources Never intentionally feed a coyote
Pet Food Feed pets indoors, store all pet food securely indoors
Water Sources Remove water attractants, such as pet water bowls
Bird Feeders Use no-spill bird feeders. Clean up fallen seed to reduce the attractiveness to small mammals that coyotes prefer to eat
Fallen Fruit from fruit trees Clean up fallen fruit around fruit trees to eliminate food source
Compost Enclose compost piles especially if using meat and dairy products as part of composting
BBQ Grills Clean up any spilled food around BBQ grills after each use
Trash Secure all outdoor trash containers with locking lids and clean containers periodically to reduce odors and smells
Landscaping Regularly trim vegetation around the perimeter of property to reduce hiding spaces and potential denning areas
Structures/Buildings Restrict access under decks and sheds, and around wood piles that can provide cover or shelter for both coyotes and their prey
Fencing Enclose property with a 6 ft. perimeter fence and make sure fence in contact with ground. To prevent digging under the fence, fence should be buried 6 inches into ground to deter digging underneath
Pets Never leave pets unattended outside, never allow pets to approach coyotes, enclose outdoor pet kennels and dog runs, walk pets on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length